Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recipes that Use the Now Infamous Perfect Chicken

So, the most popular post on this blog by far and so far is Perfect Chicken because it really does make perfect chicken every time. I not only make it as an entree, but I make it to use in lots of other recipes as well. The following are the recipes I make that use Perfect Chicken that I have posted on this blog so far (You may also find the post on How to Easily, Perfectly Shred Chicken particularly useful.):

These empanadas are yummy, smoky, spicy, cheesy, chickeny, a buttery, flaky, crumbly (store-bought, pre-made) crust, and they use shredded Perfect Chicken.

This pasta is simple garlicky, lemony, and parmesan-y goodness and features chopped Perfect Chicken and baby spinach leaves.

 This casserole is kind of like a baked, buttery version of chicken and dumpling goodness. The crust is dumpling-like, but has a crispness to the top of it. The chicken is the shredded salt-and-pepper version of Perfect Chicken. It is so, so good!

This casserole has the shredded salt-and-pepper version of Perfect Chicken in a tangy, creamy sauce topped with buttery Ritz crackers. There are several versions of this casserole floating around out there, but trust me, this one is the right one.

This pasta casserole has all of the elements of a caesar salad...except the salad. Pasta replaces lettuce, and it is filled with shredded Perfect Chicken. Yum!
I have dreams about these...Cream cheese, Rotel, Cream, shredded Perfect Chicken, and cheese - what's not to like/obsess over?
The most flavorful, bacony, chicken soup EVER. It is full of shredded (or chopped) Perfect Chicken.

There's more to come ya'll!
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